The SPAball™ Massage

The unique massage created and used by the inventor of the SPAball Kaddy for the original “Golf Ball Massage” and is now available for licensing.

The SPAball Kaddy™ started a revolution of using a golf balls professionally by massage therapists in Spas and Resorts throughout the world.

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SPAball™ Massage

This is a must have massage for anyone who craves deeper than normal pressure in strategic trouble spots. Our enhanced therapeutic massage combines smooth strokes as well as deep trigger point and cross-fiber work with the SPAball Kaddy™ and golf ball.

SPAball™ Massage

Remarkably therapeutic, deeply relaxing, and essential to help golfers stay flexible and injury free. It combines smooth compression strokes with the therapist's hands and forearms, deep trigger point and cross-fiber work with the SPAball Kaddy™ and golf ball, as well as performing essential stretches that every golfer needs to stay in top form.

SPAball™ Massage

This massage is deeply relaxing as well as very effective in soothing tense and stressed muscles. It combines calming Swedish strokes with gentle cross-fiber work with the SPAball Kaddy™ and golf ball to increase circulation in tired muscles.
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What people think of SPAball™ Massage

The Golf Ball Massage [SPAball™ Massage] from Heather is truly amazing. When I need extra pressure to relieve my aches, this is definitely a winner! Being a golf professional and avid cyclist, I place a lot of stress and strain on my back. Heather has a gift and knows what areas of the body need most attention, plus her massages are very relaxing and soothing. After a treatment with Heather, I come away feeling renewed
and invigorated.


“That feels amazing!” Was all I could think to say when Heather first rolled the golf ball in her clever hand-held device [SPAball Kaddy™] over my lower back. The funny thing is that I knew it was a golf ball because the idea came from a massage I used to give myself with a golf ball on the floor. To say that Heather improved on an already good idea is the understatement of the century. The technique, delivery system and results are nothing short of a miracle. If you haven’t experienced a Golf Ball Massage designed by Heather Karr yet [SPAball™ Massage]… What are you waiting for?


The Golf Essential™ SPAball™ Massage is one of my favorite new discoveries! It’s fluid and relaxing, but still therapeutic. Not only did I enjoy Heather’s techniques with the SPAball Kaddy and golf ball, but I use it nightly on my high school football player son Hunter! He loves it and so do I!