X_SBM_DEEPThis is a must have massage for anyone who craves deeper than normal pressure in strategic trouble spots. Our enhanced therapeutic massage combines smooth strokes as well as deep trigger point and cross-fiber work with the SPAball Kaddy™ and golf ball.

Includes a SPAball Kaddy™ for self-care to use between your massage services.

“The DEEP ESSENTIAL™ SPAball Massage  is by far the most effective deep tissue massage I have ever had and I have tried them all to help manage muscular tightness, knots, and pain associated with a chronic neurological pain condition.  The deep tissue technique using the SPAball Kaddy™  and golf ball allows for a broader base and significantly deeper pressure on muscles and trigger points than a typical hand or elbow, allowing for less pain during the massage and a deeper release of pressure and tightness.  After a single massage I felt a marked increase in the effectiveness and depth of my physical therapy stretches and yoga.  Home use of the SPAball Kaddy™ has been extremely beneficial in maintaining the benefits of professional massage for a longer period of time as well as being able to personally relieve my neck and shoulder stiffness.  I have been searching for a technique that would help for six years and I have finally found it with this massage.”
– Kennedi Martin, Independent film/TV Producer

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