Online training for SPAball Massage now available

27 Feb


Online training for the licensed SPAball Massage, the ORIGINAL Golf Ball Massage now available.

12 Continuing Education Hours
Course Fee: $110.00 

Course Description:
This twelve hour continuing education course focuses on the handling and use of the SPAball Kaddy and a golf ball for a therapeutic deep massage, while also protecting the massage therapist’s hands, fingers and thumbs.  The SPAball Massage is the exact original and authentic Golf Ball Massage that the founder, Heather Karr, developed, and is only available to licensed spas. You will learn various massage techniques to use with the SPAball Kaddy. This is a specific massage that will utilize depth of pressure and will be regulated and controlled via the golf ball. You will learn how to implement massage techniques using the golf ball housed in the SPAball Kaddy that break down adhesions that can block circulation, cause pain, limit movement, and create inflammation.  This massage is beneficial to athletes or anyone who is active.

To purchase the product necessary to complete this course please visit and order the SPABALL KADDY WITH GOLF BALL AND SPABALL KADDY PROFESSIONAL HOLSTER FOR AN ADDITIONAL FEE OF $40.74 that includes shipping and handling.

Contact us for more information.

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